October 8, 2015
20 Perfectly Nerdy Halloween Costumes
By DineEngine
nerdy halloween costume lego kids

When you think of nerdy Halloween costumes, we know it’s easy to go straight to the standards:

  • Star Wars or Star Trek
  • Superheroes, Marvel or otherwise
  • Lord of the Rings characters
  • Pokemon
  • Adventure Time

We have nothing against the traditional geek favorites, but this year we wanted to dig a little deeper to inspire a nerdy Halloween costume for the inner-dweeb in everyone.


Nerdy Halloween Costume Jack Skellington

20. Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare before Christmas”

We’ve seen versions without stilts that still look pretty great, so don’t shy away from this costume because you lack stilting skills!

Nerdy Halloween Costume USB Port

19. USB

I don’t think much explanation is necessary here.

Nerdy Halloween Costume Google Maps

18. Google Maps

This cute DIY costume for two is really fun and you can incorporate any clothes you want into it, which is a definite bonus if the weather is a factor in your Halloween party plans.

DrEmmettBrown_McFly Nerdy Halloween Costume

17. Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly from the “Back to the Future” franchise

From DeLoreans to flux capacitors and even beefy bully Biff Tannen, anything “Back to the Future” is nerdy Halloween gold.

Rubiks_Cube Nerdy Halloween Costume

16. A Rubik’s Cube

This Rubik’s Cube costume concept would be easy to construct, even for a crafting novice. Just be prepared to be called “tough to figure out” or “impossible.” True nerds know that solving the Rubik’s is definitely not impossible.

Oregon-Trail Nerdy Halloween Costume

15. The Oregon Trail

Whether you lost your sister fording a river or you died of dysentery, many of us have strangely fond memories of the harshly realistic computer game that was born in the 70s. We’re a big fan of this covered-wagon-concept depicting the game.

Nerdy Halloween Costume X-Files Mulder and Scully

14. Mulder and Scully from “The X-Files”

It seems like it wouldn’t take more than a thrift store trip and some creative crafting of FBI credentials to put together this sci-fi costume for two.

Nerdy Halloween Costume Quail Man

13. Quail Man from “Doug”

Who remembers Quail Man from “Doug”? Awesome.

Nerdy Halloween Costume Gameboy Nintendo

12. A Gameboy

All we can say to the kid who put together this Gameboy costume is, “wow!” It would have been impressive without the realistic, light up game screen. Again, wow.

Nerdy Halloween Costume Spy vs Spy

11. Spy vs. Spy

The Mad Magazine comic characters are an easy-to-put-together and easy-to-recognize costume pair.

Lego Men Nerdy Halloween Costume

10. Lego Men

Double dork bonus points for making a Lego costume that is also a superhero costume.

Daria and Jane Nerdy Halloween Costume

9. Daria (and Jane)

The cartoon “Daria” was a late 90s MTV classic. Now you can stream “Daria” on Hulu or dress up like her for Halloween. Life is great, huh?

Old Gregg Nerdy Halloween Costume Mangina

8. Old Gregg

If you haven’t seen the Old Gregg episode of “The Mighty Boosh,” I recommend you block off a little time and educate yourself via YouTube. While not everyone would recognize the Old Gregg costume, those who do will think you are awesome.

Tetris pieces Nerdy Halloween Costume

7. Tetris

Great group costume or the greatest group costume?

Ned Flanders The Simpsons Nerdy Halloween Costume

6. Ned Flanders from “The Simpsons”

Hi-diddly-ho! For those who choose to go the Ned Flanders route, I highly recommend the yellow face makeup – it really takes the costume a step up.

Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man and Ghosts Nerdy Halloween Costume

5. Pac-Man and friends

You could just go as Pac-Man, grab a date and go with Ms. Pac-Man, or round up a few ghosts. There are tons of options here. Perfect for families too.

Bob_Ross Nerdy Halloween Costume

4. Bob Ross (and optional “Happy Tree”)

Bob Ross was the instantly recognizable host of PBS’s “The Joy of Painting.” Have a friend needing a costume? Bring along one (or a few) of Bob’s famous “Happy Trees,” and you’ll be a Halloween hit anywhere you go.

Instagram Filter Nerdy Halloween Costume

3. Instagram

“I can’t decide on a filter… Do you like Nashville or X-pro?” Not only will you love this costume, so will everyone else.

Tinder Nerdy Halloween Costume

2. Tinder

Perfect costume for a couple or for singles – if you’re single, just make it look like a profile page… You’ll have no problem finding someone else who likes to Netflix and chill.

Che Guevara T-shirt Nerdy Halloween Costume

1. Che Guevara T-Shirt

This. Is. Amazing.


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