February 11, 2014
3 Pointers for Cincinnati Web Development: Make Your Website Intuitive and Aesthetically Pleasing
By DineEngine
Cincinnati Web Development

If you’re thinking about starting a website for your business or updating the one you already have, you probably know that the world of Cincinnati web development is always changing.  As internet connections everywhere become faster, businesses can include more features on their websites including photos, videos and animation.  With many internet users now going online with their cell phones, it’s also become important to make your website mobile-friendly.  So if you’re thinking about setting up a new website or revamping the one  you have, keep the following pointers in mind.

  1. Make it intuitive.  Human beings are used to thinking in a certain way, so it’s best to take advantage of this when designing a website.  Most users these days have gotten used to seeing tabs like “About Us,” “FAQ,” “Contact Us” and “Blog.”  So they know what to expect when they click on these tabs.  Sure, you could be creative and rename these tabs in different ways, but this will probably only confuse the customer.  You can save your creativity for the copy that takes up these pages, making it informative and witty at the same time.  But it helps to keep the tabs similar to what people have gotten used to.
  2. Intersperse writing with images.  Internet users aren’t necessarily as patient as people who read books.  So they’re not going to want to see paragraph after paragraph of writing with no subheadings or pictures.  It’s generally a good idea to have photos to illustrate what you’re trying to say.  You can also use these photos to put forth your products and services in the best possible way.  So make sure that they look more natural and less salesy.
  3. Make it bright but not too bright.  It’s always nice to have some colors in your website rather than keeping it monochromatic.  However, there is such a thing as too much color.  Sometimes, websites just come across as too busy, with a number of graphics colliding with each other.  Instead, think about color-blocking.  Fashionistas do it with their clothes, bringing together three or more solid colors in one outfit.  You can do it with your website too as long as the colors don’t clash.

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