February 13, 2014
Advantages of a WordPress Mobile app to Help you with Blogging.
By DineEngine
Wordpress Developer

Whether it’s for personal or business blogging, more and more people are discovering the benefits of using WordPress to host their blog. Since keeping up with your blog is so important, you may want to consider a WordPress mobile app to help you stay organized and on track. There are a number of apps available, and here are some of the most popular ones out there.

WordPress for IOS is an app designed especially for Apple product users. This app will allow you to write and edit posts, upload pictures, moderate comments and more from your iPad, iPhone or Ipod touch. It is easily downloadable from the App Store for free.

Android users can also keep up with their WordPress blog by downloading the WordPress for Androidapp. You can receive notifications whenever a visitor makes new comments, in addition to writing and editing content. This app will also allow you to keep up with your site’s statistics, and follow your favorite blogs courtesy of its reader function.

WordPress for Blackberry will allow you to upload videos, write posts, and edit pages. This app is capable of working with either WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress sites. It is an open source program that takes only a few minutes to download, and is absolutely free.

With WordPress for Nokia, you can use your S60 or Maemo-powered phone to keep up with all your blogging functions, to include checking your stats. This is also an open source app that is free to download. It supports WordPress 2.7 or higher ,regardless of whether the blog is a WordPress.com site or self-hosted.

WordPress for WebOS app works by using sliding panels to help you manage your existing blog content. It also contains a visual editor that can help you compose your posts. It also contains various “cards” that make it easy for you to switch between managing and editing your content. This app works with both WordPress.com and self-hosted blog pages.

WordPress for Windows Phones has many of the same features as other apps in that it will also allow you to create and edit posts and check statistics. You can even add text formatting, tags or categories to your posts as well. This app will work with any Windows phone running 7.5 or higher, and supports both WordPress.com and self-installed WordPress blogs that are 2.9.2 or higher.

When it comes to WordPress apps, the right one will largely depend on the type of mobile device you use most often. All of these apps are easy to use, and will make keeping up with your blog a snap. To find out more, contact us.


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