March 5, 2014
The Benefit of Analytics in iPhone App Development
By DineEngine
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Today’s businesses operate in a society that is increasingly interwoven with digital mediums of communication. Although there are many advantages to being able to take your work anywhere on a digital device, digital business exchanges can make it more difficult to gauge customer feedback and influence the number of positive app reviews. Luckily, this obstacle can be overcome when including analytics in mobile development.

Analytics are programs that help calculate information about the people who use an application. Businesses can now achieve a greater understanding of who is accessing an application, and from what devices, through traffic trackers. Details such as location, age, and frequency of visits can be determined with these trackers. By seeing what led users to an app, the app managers can determine which seach engines and marketing techniques are most effective.

More recent updates in analytic development allow businesses to get a detailed play-by-play of how a user is engaging with an application at the exact time that they are using it. Keeping a close eye on application functions, in combination with updated crash reports and excellence updates, is a great way to identify bugs in an app. By identifying and repairing features that are malfunctioning or breaking, businesses can maintain a positive customer image by reducing the amount of negative app reviews.

For apps that allow users to purchase products, there are analytic features that let a business track what is purchased by who, and how often. This is one of the fastest ways to see which products are most popular, which ones are simply browsed over, and which products need more promoting. Another reason this is helpful is because a customer’s loyalty can be tracked, depending on how much time they spend on the app and how consistent their purchases are maintained over time.

In order to stay in competition with other applications and trends, businesses must be constantly aware of how their app is being used by customers.To find out how your business can benefit by incorporating analytics when developing your iphone application, contact us today.


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