BurgerFi Delivers Industry-Leading Technology
BurgerFi is among the nation's fastest growing gourmet burger chains. All recipes are made from scratch with fresh, natural ingredients that always emphasize quality. The fast casual restaurant goes the extra mile with their chef-created menu and their customer service.

Established in 2011, BurgerFi uses 100% natural American Angus beef with no steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals or additives. BurgerFi® maintains a level of pride in everything they do, including their customer experience.

They chose DineEngine® when they needed a digital partner, which paid subsequent dividends when an IPO was created in June, 2020, and Opes Acquisition Corp.’s stockholders voted in December, 2020 to approve the $100 million purchase of BurgerFi International.

Keeping specific deliverables in mind, BurgerFi’s project goal was to expand their digital footprint through integrating their chosen online ordering API with Paytronix loyalty in order to create a single-sign-on (SSO) user experience.

DineEngine Technologists created the custom BurgerFi online ordering architecture through extensive wireframing and UX development. Their online ordering system was upgraded to the Olo platform, building the ordering platform into the website. This allowed for increased functionality and ease of use.

"We have experienced numerous benefits from the custom ordering system DineEngine built. It is easy to navigate and has substantially increased revenue. DineEngine is very affordable, worked within our timelines, and is always available to provide support when we need it."
Hannah Keyser, Director of Marketing | BurgerFi International


Integrated Ordering & Loyalty
BurgerFi was upgraded to the Olo ordering platform, which was integrated with custom functionality, feature sets, and flows into the web app. Paytronix loyalty & rewards was also fully integrated with single-sign-on capability to keep users wrapped within the indigenous digital experience.
Deliverables Led to an Immediate Order Increase

With the original custom UX design, BurgerFi saw a 9 percent increase in business during the first three months following the launch of their integrated online ordering and loyalty platform.

Other project deliverables included a custom digital asset management system integrated with Olo, allowing BurgerFi to manage all collateral in one location for the menu.

Version control for the product was designed to integrate with the full site, and all other digital platforms.

The newly-appointed Executive Chairman, Ophir Sternberg, stated the objective of expanding BurgerFi’s growth nationally and internationally, and that BurgerFi would “Continue industry-leading technology development, enhancing user experience and increasing sales through online ordering channels.”

DineEngine has since continued to help BurgerFi upgrade and refine all facets of their digital experience, including website text revisions, ADA compliance upgrades, the addition of Olo dispatch, enhancements to the ordering flows and various menu and product configuration development.

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