Freebirds Soars with Digital Transformation
Freebirds World Burrito
Freebirds enjoys a passionate and energetic fanbase who return again and again to dine on their famous arm-sized burritos, nachos, quesadillas, and burrito bowls, all thick with delicious toppings.

DineEngine® has worked with Freebirds since early 2018, originally building a new web experience integrating updated UI/UX with direct ordering provider Olo and SSO with loyalty provider Punchh.

Freebirds saw a 40% increase in desktop orders, 60% increase in mobile orders, and an overall revenue expansion of 30%, leading to their decision to further enhance their web app while fully integrating the Punchh mobile app for loyalty.

New Impactful Brochure, Menu & Ordering Flow

We totally updated the brochure UX for an aesthetically stunning user experience. Integrating with Olo, we redesigned and rebuilt the new Freebirds flow to make the imagery more prominent, the ordering configurations more streamlined, and the selection process more intuitive.

Order From Every Digital Device

We built the Freebirds app to allow for easy ordering and quick checkout from any digital device, whether it be desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad, or tablet.

“After our first major scope of user experience upgrades with DineEngine, we saw a 40% increase in orders via desktop, a firm 60% rise in mobile orders, and an overall revenue growth of 30% .”
Freebirds World Burrito


Actionable Punchh & ezCater Integrations
In addition to Olo for direct ordering & Google for analytics & maps, we completely integrated Punchh for in-store and in-app loyalty redemption and point application, while enabling SSO with ezCater for users to conveniently schedule & order catering.
Goal = Order Conversions & New/Returning Guest Value

The enhancements DineEngine developed for Freebirds World Burrito created a faster, easier, and more enjoyable digital experience for customers.

Combined with the new brochure integration & updated UX, and the Punchh mobile app/ezCater integrations, we built out and upgraded reordering from a favorites category and account pages. We added upsell capabilities, saving previous orders & delivery addresses, saving favorite locations, and Facebook login. All these features expanded convenience & utility for users.

Another substantial investment went into data tracking and analytics development. We placed a Facebook Pixel to monitor activity via social, built out an e-commerce tracking pixel for Freebirds swag, and installed custom Google tags to track purchases and user app activity.

The results of these upgrades have contributed to a significant increase in orders and average check size throughout their 65+ locations, with Freebirds making plans to increase their market share and industry presence through further digital development.

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