October 21, 2011
Columbus Code Camp 2011
By DineEngine

This Saturday, October 22, 2011, is the day for Columbus Code Camp. The event is hosted at Tech Columbus and will feature a full day of code centric presentations. The event is sponsored by a number of large tech corporations, which means that it is totally free to attend.

As a working developer I greatly respect their core values:

  • by and for the developer community
  • always free
  • community-developed material
  • no fluff – only code
  • never occurs during working hours

The schedule is packed with interesting talks. I’ve seen the talk Your database, exposed: HTSQL presented before (at Ohio Linux Fest) and it was really great. HTSQL is a cool python utility that you point at a database, and it serves up a really nice RESTful HTML (and other format) interface to it.

Being a mobile app developer, I also look forward to attending Mobilizing your HTML5 app with PhoneGap and seeing what PhoneGap can do. I’ve read a fair amount of background information on PhoneGap and have read some of the docs, but nothing beats seeing a working example take shape.

The other talks literally all sound awesome, and I’m excited to see them. Luckily the event is scheduled all day so I rarely have to choose between multiple talks I *really* want to see.

Don’t miss Columbus Code Camp this year!


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