February 26, 2011
Create an Interactive Website Design For Your Online Business.
By DineEngine

With the spread of the Internet, potential consumers can browse the listed online business solutions during their spare time. Thus a website is now considered to be the primary marketing channel by the business community. Many organizations have jumped into the Internet band wagon to grab this opportunity but most of them are not able to stand-out and compete with thousands of mushrooming websites having similar look and feel.

So how do you improve upon your present website? Do you redesign it completely or you make it innovative and attractive to grab customer’s attention? Considering that redesigning takes a lot of time and money probably you should plan for some other techniques of making your website social media friendly. The goal should be to increase the ways of communication between the site owners and the visitors’ hence creative web designing techniques are highly recommended.

Talking about creative web designing techniques the two most important things that you should consider are cross platform flexibility and information sharing. To make these possible Web applications that allow you to share your hub with different platform of technologies are becoming very popular. Hence Social Media Marketing (SMM), Wikis, Short Messaging Services (SMS), Community portals and podcasting have become the buzzword of the new era of web development. By adding these features in your website you can allow a user sitting across the globe to change your web content instead of simple passive viewing.

Having said this, here are some additional simple yet effective website designing techniques that your site should have:

  1. Search functionality
  2. A blog along with provision of adding a comment to it. This is done to encourage readers to express their views on the blog.
  3. Articles for readers expressing the value and use of a blog’s RSS feed.
  4. An “RSS-to-email” application program like Zookoda. This will allow your blog readers to subscribe the RSS feed using email address.
  5. Question & Answer discussion forum.
  6. Chat feature to maintain customer relations. Visitors can “click to chat” with service centers to trouble shoot their problems. This is an excellent way to record names, email address and contact numbers of visitors to get in touch with them later on.
  7. A Knowledge Base or FAQ section enabling visitors to submit their queries and also read related Question & Answers.
  8. Tagging feature. Tagging of images with short descriptions help is easy search.

What are you waiting for then? Use web design services to make your website interactive. Moreover with professional web designing becoming a common practice you can now experiment with your website in a lot of ways. Services provided by these website designing companies are truly in line to the latest trends. Always remember that if customers can interact with your website in some way or the other, they will most likely stay on your website longer and you will achieve your business goal.


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