October 22, 2015
Creating branding and a website for a new company
By DineEngine
Chepri created branding for Wano, Carvalho & Associates new website

When you’re getting ready to launch a new business, there’s so much to prepare for and consider, from branding choices and legal issues to determining your budget and projections (and then some). With so much on your plate, missteps happen. Oversights occur. Miscalculations are made. Some things go as planned, sure, but, when it comes to creating logos, branding and a website for a new company or business venture, you do not want to leave anything up to chance.

Taking the time to team up with a company that will work with you and guide you through the branding process is key to making sure your branding visually reflects your vision of who your company is – and what you want your company to be. Ensuring your company vision is effectively portrayed through your branding and your website can make a world of difference to the success of a budding business.

What do you want your company to be?

Newly-formed consulting company, Wano, Carvalho & Associates, recently partnered with DineEngine to create branding and a website for their launch. DineEngine’s design team worked hand in hand with Wano, Carvalho & Associates to make sure their logo not only looked great, but represented their brand and who they want to be as a company.

A big hurdle for the newly formed consulting business was just that – they are a brand new business. So, DineEngine focused on their decades of experience instead.

With an understanding of Wano, Carvalho & Associates’ vision, DineEngine’s design team worked together to create a website that aligned with their brand and company goals in both the visual design and the copy of the website.

The finished product is an attractive website that showcases the trustworthiness and experience of the founding partners of Wano, Carvalho & Associates – who are experts, but as an entity are a newly-formed business. Their new branding exudes high-end sophistication and competence, furthering the overarching goal of conveying an established expertise.

Not only does the copy of the website follow suit (in that it discusses the experience and know-how of the consultants), but it is also optimized to rank as well as other top consulting competitors that may have more years established in the business.

By combining the elements of branding, custom web design, and optimized, strategic copy, Wano, Carvalho & Associates were able to launch their business with an edge.

DineEngine created branding and a new website for new company Wano, Carvalho & Associates


Whether you have an already established business or are planning to launch a new company in the future, DineEngine’s design team can guide you through the branding and design process to help grow your business. Let us know how we can help you succeed.


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