June 6, 2011
Easton Town Center launches a mobile app?
By DineEngine

Although the smartphone Easton Town Center application has been available since 2009, it’s new to me. I have to admit I’m impressed by its functionality.

The Easton Town Center shopping district developed a store directory application that offers directions, phone numbers and operating hours of its tenants. With a variety of mobile applications available, it is easy to overlook the beneficial information this specific app provides.

My story
While quickly searching for a free app that offers movie information, I stumbled across one for Easton. In seconds I had the application downloaded and launched. I realize multiple apps are available that provide details about movies (I’ve already downloaded the famous Fandango app, and, yes, it works great), but with Easton Town Center’s application I managed to find the movie information immediately. Though I can’t place the specific movie in question, something Sci-fi I am sure, I do remember this nifty application that accessed exactly what was needed within seconds. Navigating this treasure provided invaluable information as well: Children’s story time at Barnes and Noble, free Yoga classes, and Bon Vie Bistro dinner specials. While looking quite robust at a glance, I was blown away by how much one shopping center could offer.

Find information like:

  • Store directory and directions
  • Easton’s maps & GPS
  • AMC movie times
  • Link to EastonTownCenter.com
  • List of events
  • Sales Listings

Download the free Easton application for your iPhone or Android


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