July 10, 2014
Some Facts About Ruby On Rails Development
By DineEngine
Earnest ruby on rails development

Ruby On Rails (ROR) is an open source web framework which runs on the Ruby Programming Language. It was created in 2003 by David Heinemeier Hansson and has been built up by the Rails core team and over 3400 contributors. ROR is optimized for programming productivity. This means programmers can get things done more rapidly with less effort.

A common description of ROR is that it feels lighter, it’s more agile, and it’s easier to understand. One can do more with less code than a lot of other languages and frameworks. It is also the hottest technology in web application development. Some claim that if you are an expert at ruby on rails development, you will never have employment problems. Whether this is completely true, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have this skill set under your belt. “Ruby On Rails” does appear quite often on job board descriptions these days.

That more can be done with less, well structured code, means that complex websites or apps that use a database can be rapidly built. If a web or app project normally takes months to complete, the same project can be done in weeks or even days using Ruby On Rails. The reason for this is that Ruby On Rails incorporates the best ideas from other programming languages with respect to fast and simple development strategies and features.

Ruby On Rails is a cost saver. It is a free development tool that runs on Linux, which is a free operating system. It can also be used with many free servers and databases. It is continually being developed free of charge by an active community.

Some well known websites that were built on Ruby On Rails are Fiverr, Yellowpages, Themeforest, Twitch.tv, Twitter, Urban Dictionary, Basecamp, Crunchbase, Github, Hulu, Scribd, Zendesk, and Shopify.

So it’s free and gets things done faster. From a business point of view, what is there not to like? For more information about Ruby On Rails development, please contact us.


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