May 29, 2018
How Mobile App Customization Options Result In More Online Orders
By DineEngine

Restaurants are seeking a larger slice of the pie, and brands are asking how mobile app customization options result in more online orders.

The popularity of customization and “build your own menu” options at restaurants has grown exponentially over the past few years, and it shows no sign of stopping.

Big name fast-food chains have struggled to keep pace with “fast casual” restaurants like Chipotle, which essentially give customers control of what goes into their orders.

However, while providing those online ordering for independent restaurants options can lure in customers and boost your profits, creating easy customization features in your mobile app development can help you grow exponentially – especially if you know what to offer.


The Appeal Of Variety


Variety is highly important to Millennial consumers in particular. A standard menu on your mobile app with few or no options for customization won’t necessarily pique your customers’ interest.

And if you do allow customers to customize their menu choices when visiting your restaurant in person but not when using your app they might be less likely to place an order.

In addition to customization options, customers are also enticed by a rotation of local and seasonal menu items, so your mobile app user experience (UX) development should be updated periodically so you can highlight those specials.


Catering To A Variety Of Diets


Does your restaurant offer menu selections for people with specific diets, such as vegetarians, vegans or those who avoid gluten?

If you provide such options, highlighting them within your mobile app can lead to loyal customers.

For example, make it clear if you have gluten-free options for pizza or pasta or vegetarian- or vegan-friendly versions of hamburgers.

Even if you charge extra for these options customers will be inclined to select them in order to accommodate their dietary needs or preferences.


Millennials And Individuality


Millennials now make up the majority of consumers, and they are the generation most inclined to use technology services for restaurants such as mobile apps.

So ensuring that your app and your customization options appeal them is essential to your restaurant’s success. Millennials value their individuality, and having the ability to truly customize their food orders is an extension of that.

A recent report by QSR Magazine noted that restaurants aiming to appeal to millennials through customization options should:

  • Strike a balance between offering enough options but too many options so that customers don’t end up creating something for themselves that doesn’t taste good.
  • Offer “base” menu options which customers can then adjust to suit their tastes.
  • Offer a set number of options/add-ons that are included in the base price and charge extra for additional items, in order to keep your profit margin in check.
  • Consider creating customizable meals at a set price, such as any half sandwich and any side for lunch or an appetizer and an entrée for dinner.
  • Ensure that your restaurant is equipped to provide made-to-order meals quickly and accurately – always bear in mind that your customers are using your mobile app for its efficiency.
Is Your Mobile App Customization-Friendly?

Allowing your customers to customize their orders through your mobile app will help you step up your game in an increasingly competitive market.

Whether you are considering basic or custom mobile app development, listen to your customers and determine what they want and what will turn them into loyal patrons.

The digital app you create should be designed to deliver a customer experience that is unique to your restaurant. This will lead to more upsells and cross-sells with guests leveraging your mobile digital app.



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