October 15, 2015
How much does an app cost to develop?
By DineEngine
landing page for mobileappquote.com

mobileappquote.com, a slick new online mobile app pricing estimation tool from DineEngine, is a great way for entrepreneurs, non-profits and enterprises alike to find out what developing a mobile app would cost them.

Have you ever thought that you might have the next great idea for a mobile app? It can be overwhelming and intimidating to reach out to all the different parties that would need to be involved – designers, developers, etc – in order to just get an initial estimate of what mobile app development for your idea would even cost.

DineEngine is a full-service mobile app and web development and design company (meaning DineEngine has everyone you need to design and develop your app under one roof). Because we can deliver your mobile app from beginning concept to the finished product, our team was able to put together mobileappquote.com as a helpful tool for people who are interested in developing a mobile app.

Whether you are in the early stages of conceptualizing your mobile app or if you already have a patent, prototype or a plan put together, mobileappquote.com is an awesome resource for anyone who is interested in developing their idea into a mobile app.

mobileappquote.com makes it simple to get started – from the homepage, all you have to do is enter your email address, and you’re taken to the mobileappquote.com estimator tool.

landing page for mobileappquote.com
Then, the mobileappquote.com estimator asks a series of questions about your app idea. Will your app be native or cross platform? Will it need to work on smartphones and tablets? Will your app share to social media? Is your website WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal? Will your app use push notifications?

question about usernames and passwords from mobileappquote.com

question about user profiles on mobileappquote.com

Once you’ve completed the series of prompted questions, mobileappquote.com will produce an estimate and a recommended next step for you based upon your answers. There is also an optional contact form for any interested parties to pass along their information in case they want to talk to someone at DineEngine® about developing their app.

mobileappquote.com final quote page

Pretty cool, huh?


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