November 14, 2012
Is Your Website Mobile?
By DineEngine

I remember the first ads for the iPhone back in 2007. Among other features, the iPhone offered “just the internet on your phone”. Up until then, surfing the mobile internet from your phone was a race between a slow connection and mounting data costs. The interface was awful and the navigation almost impossible. Thankfully the iPhone set out to change that, but their ad may have been a bit misleading. When Apple advertised “just the internet on your phone” they meant that the internet as it was on your desktop would now be miniaturized to fit your phone’s screen. Miniaturized, not optimized.

Today, being able to access “desktop internet” from your phone is not enough, its even outdated. We don’t like enlarging small text or navigating hard to read sites. We enjoy clicking on large, visible tabs, utilizing streamlined aesthetics, and enjoying simplicity rather than sifting through crowded homepages. We like our websites optimized for mobile device usage.

Optimizing your website means that it is restructured to meet the demands of mobile device users. Websites are reorganized to allow for easier navigation, the screen size is tailor fitted to your smartphone’s screen, and tabs take the size of your thumb into account. Basically, it allows your website to become fully accessible to the skyrocketing number of smartphone users.

Sites like goMobi have popped up over the past few years to help with this process, though not everyone has caught on. Many businesses aren’t aware of mobile website optimization, let alone using it, and consumers typically skip over websites that don’t offer the streamlined navigation and convenience of mobile optimized alternatives. That is exactly why your website needs to be optimized for mobile use.

Not only is optimizing your website easy, quick, and affordable, it’s also necessary. As the number of mobile internet users continue to outpace the number of those accessing the internet from their desktop, having a website optimized for mobile use should be a top priority for your business.

Why make it more difficult for your customer to visit your website when the tools are right in front of you?


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