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Have your digital sales gone soft? Ready to offer a dessert your customers can’t resist? Indulge their e-commerce sweet tooth with a custom mobile app providing direct ordering with seamless single-sign-on to loyalty & delivery, painless payment, and easy checkout. Now, that’s what we call a creamy way to profit.

    Phone in Ice cream showing mobile app

    Bespoke Mobile App Development

    We custom-build Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps that incorporate all essential digital e-commerce functionality, features & integrations.

    Custom Mobile Application Platforms

    Whether you’re seeking mobile development for cross-platform, native or hybrid apps, we build to optimize user experience & expand profit margins.

    Data Connector Development

    We build custom third-party API connectivity into your mobile app, seamlessly integrating your vendors to keep users engaged and coming back for more.

    Mobile App Store Submission

    We will help you submit your app under your developer license and assist to navigate you through the review process, and getting your mobile app to market.

    Snowboarders jumping ice cream

    Innovative Smartphone Technology = Delicious Customer Engagement

    Create the ultimate ordering experience with a bespoke mobile app. Using a smartphone, guests can open your brand app, peruse the food & drink menu, order, and pay. It’s easy, fast and secure, perfect for maintaining a contactless socially-distanced environment.

    Your restaurant gets one shot to make a good impression. You might as well make it irresistible. DineEngine® develops intuitive mobile apps that are easy to use and enjoyable to interact with – resulting in more engagement, long-term brand loyalty, and increased ROI.

    Soft doesn’t sell. Pleasure Guests, Get More Orders & Create Raving Restaurant Fans with a Custom Mobile App