August 7, 2015
Ohio Township Association Golf Outing
By DineEngine

Ohio Township Association Golf OutingThe Ohio Township Association’s Annual Golf Outing will be held Friday, Aug. 7. Sponsors may participate or bring a team, competing for prizes during various competitions.

The Golf Club of Dublin is hosting the event, supporting graduating high school seniors by raising money for a scholarship opportunities. The scholarship is available to three seniors to assist with college tuition and other similar fees.

In addition to reaching out to their community through events and programs, local townships also have a new, innovative method of marketing and managing content on their websites, such as the golf outing. We at DineEngine are proud to be sponsoring a hole at the event, and also coincide the launch of one of our newest products designed for local governments, TownshipCMS.

Through TownshipCMS, local governments gain better design and functionality with focus on the many individual needs and specific requests presented. Clear communication, transparent access to information, and easy accessibility to everyone are principle elements provided in every TownshipCMS project.

Whether you are a township with a population of less than 1,000 or a subsidiary to a city with over 100,000 residents, TownshipCMS is a service offering all the features you are seeking. Contact DineEngine to find out how we can help you configure your system, creating specialized software solutions to optimize your township operations.



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