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Bug Tracking for Restaurants
A software bug occurs when an application doesn't work the way it is designed to perform. DineEngine uses bug tracking to monitor and report on errors from the build phase to live into the cloud, using best-practice debugging processes to resolve issues expediently.

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    Evolutionary Project Bug Tracking

    Bugs are normal part of any successful project. Bug tracking is an important process in software and cloud infrastructure engineering, and each needs to be evaluated, monitored and prioritized for debugging based upon mission-critical functionality. Defects may affect apps and platforms at any point, so it is important to always have a resource available to manage issues that may arise.

    Database Administration Services, MySQL & Oracle DB

    Virtualization Administration and Software-as-a-Service

    Nationwide Datacenter Region Access

    Custom Software Service Level Agreements

    16+ Years

    of Experience

    Performant Backbone

    Faster is better with DineEngine Cloud.  With the powerful combination of Oracle’s Platform-as-a-Service and DineEngine’s expertise, your application will run at peak performance.

    Security Driven

    Security takes priority whether it’s a Web Application Firewall (WAF) set-up or site level security with SSL certificates, DineEngine is here to protect your app from DDOS attacks. 

    Economical Delivery

    Cost effective cloud services at scale to provide your brand with a cloud infrastructure at a fraction of the costs associated with doing business online, even better than AWS.

    Management Tools for Bug Tracking

    DineEngine is constantly reviewing and testing for cloud infrastructure and software errors. We focus on evaluation before and after deployment. Our QA engineers will fix your application, and we’ll support any defects well after launch. Transparency is key to quality control, so once we’ve engaged, you are granted access to our project management tool for app errors, and any other issues.


    Why is Bug Tracking so Important?

    Because your business operations, servers, and applications depend on it. Backed by Oracle, we implement a cloud app error system to ensure bugs in your infrastructure and applications are easily detected and fixed. Our management tools perform in-depth bug analysis and give visibility on the overall direction of the project.

    DineEngine will maintain all your IT infrastructure within next-generation managed cloud designed to run applications with speed, performance, compliance and security, customized to reliably scale with your needs.

    Cloudflare DNS

    Default implementation of Cloudflare DNS across all of our domains and zones, SSL & WAF protected.

    Database Services

    MySQL and Oracle DB, serve as best-in-class data storage for even the largest brands.

    Nginx Administration

    Reverse proxy and performance tuning to maximize traffic in a secure and redundant way.

    Virtualization Set-up

    Virtual machines are the life blood of the cloud, we can set-up VMs for VMWare or ProxmoxCE.

    Linux Administration

    Open source operating systems keep costs low while maximizing performance.

    Nodejs Setup & Tuning

    With PM2 and Node based applications we certify efficient and performant applications.

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