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Customer Data Tracking & Analytics for Restaurants
How well do you know your customers? Do you know what they like, and what they don't like? This may sound like an elementary question, but you would be surprised how many businesses don't understand digital user behavior insights. Customer data tracking & analytics is available to show you how to achieve every growth goal and revenue marker if you know what to look for.

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    What are Customer Analytics & What is Important?

    Customer data tracking & analytics provides the ability to collect and study behavioral user data across a range of digital channels, devices, and interactions. These analytics deliver insight allowing strategy formation around products and services through data collection and segmentation, modeling, data visualization, and more.

    Benefits include higher customer satisfaction and retention, lower lead generation and acquisition costs, increased sales and revenue, better brand awareness, and increased user engagement. With the customer data tracking & analytics, your restaurant can increase personalization, send the right messaging, focus on precise campaigns to the correct audience, ensure user experience throughout the digital customer journey is positive, and enhance product and service development to gain marketshare.

    What are Analytics Categories & Types?

    There are four main analytics categories for tracking user activity:

    • Descriptive analytics, providing insight into past customer behavior: 30% of users used loyalty points X within a month of X purchase.

    • Diagnostic analytics, delivering the “why” behind customer behavior: 50% of users choose upsell X instead of cross-sell Y after Z promotion.

    • Predictive analytics, which help predict future customer behavior: During the winter of 2022, purchases of online ordering product X are expected to decline due to product Y.

    • Prescriptive analysis, providing suggestions on how to influence or target customer behavior: Web banners run on digital ordering site increase sales of product X by 10%.

    There are six types of customer analytics:

    • Customer journey analytics, which focuses on understanding customer interactions with your brand, from initial product research, to application of the service to the actual purchase.

    • Customer experience analytics, providing insight on how customers feel when interacting with your brand and your e-commerce and/or online ordering, loyalty & payment platforms.

    • Customer engagement analytics, focusing on engagement with your product/service, and engagement with your brand during the customer journey when ordering & purchasing.

    • Customer loyalty & retention analytics, measuring user loyalty and repeat business versus non-engaged clients with the application of ordering rewards used via e-commerce & in-store.

    • Customer lifetime analytics, describing the user journey and experience with the addition of guest lifetime value metrics to measure single customer revenue.

    • Customer feedback to capture digital user opinions, preferences, expectations, and pain points via user testing, feedback loops, surveys, and campaign responses.


    Customer Tracking & Analytics Best Practices for Restaurant

    What you really need is software which can help you visualize and analyze the customer journey quickly and easily. This is where the interactive dashboard becomes an invaluable tool.

    Dashboards can provide you with a repository to access results from your analytics, enhancing your ability to leverage data best-practices such as viewing customer interactions from an omni-channel point of view, accumulating qualitative data, making predictions, and testing solutions.

    It is no surprise successful businesses are data-driven. This is because they have the proper customer data tracking & analytics in place. Our technologists will help you redefine what your customer tracking & analytics can be, increasing productivity which leads to profit growth.

    User Analytics

    Analyze user data and make decisions based on visits, abandoned carts and more.

    Ad Networks

    Utilize ad networks, like Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager to track events that matter.

    Heat Mapping

    Gain incredible insight into how users behave and where they click throughout your app experience.

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