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Employee Retention for Restaurants
Providing custom retention & gamification apps for your company is an employee investment that creates a stronger bond between all members. DineEngine® builds software to enhance your workplace culture, allowing investment in staff who will help to grow your business.

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    What Purpose Do Employee Apps Serve?

    Improve the well-being of your team. Retain your top talent. Right now, more than ever, restaurants are pressed because of a limited workforce. When you think employee retention, you probably don’t think about software. Except you should. Apps designed for a human resource purpose help to boost morale and interdepartmental collaboration between staff.


    Our Back-Office Services


    Retain and acquire staff with employee-facing apps that bring your culture front and center.


    Custom workflows and efficiency apps that cut down on overhead and provide margin improving feature sets.


    Give your franchisee features that improve communication, sharing and custom tools that win.

    What Do These Apps Do?

    How can employee retention & gamification apps help your brand win in the marketplace?

    • Tracking employee mood and morale to report how employees feel while at work can help reduce turnover when integrated with feedback and suggestion boxes.

    • Help to better understand the workplace environment for your restaurant with a retention app designed for anonymous feedback. That provides insight into any employee level or station, and between managers, supervisors and staff.

    • Company culture can be enhanced by providing surveys for company engagement, and supervisor reviews can help you retain your best restaurant employees from the moment they are hired.

    • Create an employee resources module where staff can go to improve their own development or help to collaborate with others, seeing their own progress as their work continues.

    • Make it easy and convenient for employees to check their hourly, daily, and weekly scheduling, request time off, and make other detailed comments regarding staffing requirements and/or needed resources.

    • Increase employee engagement and participation with gamification, which generates a fun way for staff to interact with your brand. Administrators can set up goal and reward structures which are taught and implemented through digital games. The app can challenge workers in different ways to work through progressively difficult levels to earn points leading to benefits such as prizes, paid leave, and other positive applications.

    Grow Your Business with Custom Employee Retention Apps

    You can now see how employee retention is an important part of every functional labor force. Your staff is an investment, and cutting-edge apps can help you better understand your own company culture from a worker’s point of view.

    Find out why successful business owners are choosing DineEngine®️ to be their digital technology partner.

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