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Intranets for Restaurants
Business intranet software functions as a private network to distribute communications exclusively to a for restaurant workforce to encourage knowledge acquisition and growth. A collaborative approach with employees boosts productivity, builds trust, and provides an easy way to cascade company messaging.

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    Intranets Focus on Growth

    Interactive intranet software increases employee productivity which leads to profit growth. Top considerations include:

    • Employees, management & franchisors all benefit from having one source of communications truth, so that all staff is on the same page.

    • Intranets provide a repository for brand products, training and other programs which enhance culture and create a better work environment.

    • Interactive restaurant intranet software taps employee potential, which leads to profit growth.


    Our Back-Office Services


    Retain and acquire staff with employee-facing apps that bring your culture front and center.


    Custom workflows and efficiency apps that cut down on overhead and provide margin improving feature sets.


    Give your franchisee features that improve communication, sharing and custom tools that win.

    Intranets Staff Love

    It’s time to stop thinking about what your intranet should be and start thinking about what you want it to be.
    Because brand intranet software is internal, they can be used by employees to search for information, communicate across the organization, and manage workflows, scheduling, ordering, etc.

    It just makes things much easier for staff, who must be able to talk to the right people quickly and easily through the right channels to accomplish daily tasks.

    Building, Remodeling & Upgrading Your Intranet

    As a participation tool, intranets create reliable channels within brands that reinforce policies and regulate processes. This leads to stability and better employee workplace experience. Employees almost always react favorably to brands possessing intranet software that provide structure and communication for every facet of the operation.
    Whether you’re looking to build your own intranet from the bottom up, or wanting to make your current program more efficient, our technologists are here to answer your questions.

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