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Mood, Voice & Facial AI for Restaurants
Driven by fierce competition, tight margins, and rising customer expectations, restaurants are innovating with mood, voice & facial artificial intelligence apps to power better digital experiences. Custom data connectors for artificial intelligence can automate & enhance ordering, loyalty & payment, leverage sophisticated business intelligence, and access the IoT while streamlining daily operational processes.

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    Mood, Voice & Facial AI for Restaurants
    Don't be a Laggard: Become an Brand AI Innovator

    Technological innovation is surging, and winning companies are leveraging digital artificial intelligence apps to get ahead in the marketplace. Devices are getting smarter, consumers are becoming more tech-savvy, and the differences between digital and physical arenas are disappearing. DineEngine can help you combine the power of mood, voice & facial recognition with digital apps to personalize the user journey. Now, more than ever, is the time for you to push your brand to the next level using AI to create engaging digital experiences that energize customers, motivating habitual return visits.


    What does Mood, Voice & Facial AI Accomplish?

    Artificial intelligence is streamlining the e-commerce experience from ordering and inventory to staffing, creating happier users and delivering back-office efficiencies that drive competitive advantage. From a customer-facing angle, how does mood, voice, and facial AI engage consumers and enhance restaurant revenue? Here are a few examples:

    Voice Ordering

    Today it’s commonplace to use Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) or Google Home (Nest) to order food and have it delivered to your home, or ask Google to place an order that you will pick up via a drive-thru or curbside. Just a few short years ago, this technology was a true novelty, but now voice is a mainstay enfranchised through smartphones and subsequently liberated using Siri.

    Voice-assistant-enabled ordering data connectors can be integrated within kiosk software, so customers can order conversationally using their voice. Drive-thrus now use a voice-assistant-enabled order taker that pushes orders into the POS or KDS system for processing. Voice-assisted AI technology can take phone orders and submit them to the POS for preparation and routing via curbside, pickup, or delivery.

    Facial & Mood Recognition

    AI facial & mood software for kiosk uses a camera to recognize you, and recommendation engines to cater product suggestions based on your previous order history, and even your mood. Leveraging data connectors tied the the IoT, offerings can be made based on the time of day, and the temperature. This speeds up ordering while introducing a level of personalization leading to more products chosen and larger checkouts.

    Because systems are digital, all applications and platforms can leverage voice, mood & facial AI through custom third-party data connector integrations, or be built from scratch. As a matter of fact, AI for web, mobile, kiosk and tableside applications can be developed to work with your e-commerce storefront POS, direct ordering, loyalty, payment and delivery providers in a single seamless omni-channel experience.






    Transform Your Restaurant with Mood, Voice & Facial AI Technologies

    It’s about exponential growth. Statistically, it has been shown that customers prefer mood, voice, and facial AI interactivity because of the ease of use and personalization offered. Biometrics are not just a trend, but are here to stay because of contributing so heavily to good user experience and each brand’s bottom line.

    Businesses should prioritize roadmaps that include these AI-powered technologies to remain competitive in their respective industries. As consumers continue to leverage mood, voice, and facial solutions via web, mobile, kiosk and tableside applications, it’s clear AI software will be key to empowering innovative businesses seeking to acquire new customers and well as retain current loyalty.


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