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Ordering and Delivery for Restaurants
Customers expect restaurants to offer a complete online ordering system & delivery with their e-commerce sites and digital applications. Users have little patience for clunky transfers to different platforms to get the ordering process started, apply loyalty & rewards, pay, checkout, and then hope the delivery site is working correctly. Being moved around to multiple third-parties is not what we would call great service. However, there is a solution. Using custom data connectors to fully integrate third-party ordering and delivery vendors to create a seamless user experience.

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    Ordering and Delivery for Restaurants
    One Data Connector Experience to Rule Them All

    The great thing about a digital online ordering system and delivery application is that you can pick out a product, order, make payment and schedule delivery from your smartphone while laying on your couch in front of the 4K smart TV, in the comfort of your own living room. What could make this peaceful journey erratic and unfulfilling? A janky, ragged, indecipherable, confusing, aggravating, time-wasting run-around experience when trying to order and get delivery. There is only one app to rule them all, a seamless system commanded by superior third-party API integrations. What to learn more? We think you do.


    Custom Ordering & Delivery API Integrations

    The ability to order from your app is of paramount importance. A great ordering user experience separates the pros from the amateurs. There are many white label platforms available, but few offer custom functionality, or the ability to scale with the business.

    Setting up the right infrastructure requires thinking ahead, and investing in the best software. In today’s competitive e-commerce marketplace, restaurants must have the ability to seek out solutions that meet their long-term priorities and objectives.

    We can leverage any third party ordering or delivery API to either completely integrate or totally build from scratch a seamless vendor connection within your web, mobile, kiosk, or tableside application.

    Outside of creating a smooth digital experience that inspires long-term customer retention and positive reviews, we can also build a custom data connector that integrates seamlessly with loyalty & rewards programs, and other third-parties to give your users the best experience possible – no matter how they choose to order.






    Custom Order & Delivery Data Connectors Improve User Satisfaction & Increase ROI

    Great e-commerce online ordering system and delivery user experiences add business value in two major ways. The first is improving operational efficiency, and the second is increasing average order size, both maximizing revenue and contributing to competitive advantage.

    Integrated with an application infrastructure that is solidly functional, feature-rich, modular, resilient, and ultimately scalable, custom ordering and delivery data connectors boost your capabilities by providing fast, reliable, and secure order processing.

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