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Payment Processing for Restaurants
DineEngine connects existing—and also—builds custom application programming interfaces (APIs) for payment processing integration that can be fully merged with digital e-commerce, online ordering, kiosk, and more. We can connect your favorite third-party payment processor API to any other third-party API you are using in your application to produce a seamless payment solution. This provides customers with expanded functionality and enhanced features during their journey to checkout, saving users fees while boosting your profit margins.

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    Payment Processing for Restaurants
    Integrated Payment Processing Improves Apps

    Our payment processor integration API is a data connector, or data pipeline, joining your e-commerce or direct ordering experience to your chosen payment vendor within the same application so third-parties can share data in real-time. And better yet, this all happens via our Oracle-backed cloud infrastructure, guaranteeing residual transaction performance, security, compliance, and price advantages outside of successfully improving your app’s user experience.


    Innovative Payment Processing API Connectivity

    Our expert software developers have extensive knowledge and experience in building, connecting, customizing and integrating Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) payment processors for brand applications. We integrate your preferred payment gateway system (Heartland, DataCap, Stripe, etc.) with your third-party app APIs to leverage your complete gateway infrastructure to enable secure vendor payments via the cloud, directly on your web app, mobile app, tableside app and/or kiosk app, as a pre-paid order.

    When a standard integration isn’t enough, we can develop a custom data connector, or build customized features to your current third party payment processor to create more flexibility, security, and functionality. Our dedicated team of software engineers develops your custom payment API to support a seamless development process designed for rapid deployment, increased efficiency, and optimized user experience on any digital device.

    DineEngine has developed a data connector protocol that leverages third-parties ability to store credit card data on file, so users don’t have to enter credit card  information for each order, thereby increasing conversion rates at checkout. Third-party payment processors are able to obtain client merchant account credentials, and process transactions through an online gateway. The card-on-file solution is fully PCI DSS compliant, and transactions are settled daily, improving cash flow.

    To help with direct ordering issues that rise with the implementation of self-serve kiosks, DineEngine helps to take care of the merchant account process by referring a partner payment processor capable of passing a prepaid order from the kiosk swipe mechanism to the vendor POS for processing.





    Payment Processing API Connectors for High-Growth Restaurants

    Regardless of your situation and/or market trajectory, DineEngine can help you integrate and/or build your payment processing integration data connector from the ground up. We leverage our partner network to increase efficiency, keep costs low, and provide users a seamless payment experience at checkout that increases brand ROI.

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