Secure Employees with Custom Sticky Acquisition & Retention Apps for Restaurants

Wondering how brands get new employees and keep existing ones? It’s not a magic trick, but a custom digital dessert.

    Phone showing employee retention bakery app

    Employee Retention

     It’s through cool gamification employee apps that entice staff and keep them glued to their jobs.

    Franchise/Vendor Portal

    A platform that approved stakeholders can use to gain access to all company resources.

    Workforce Intranets

    A private network used to distribute communications and information to the brand workforce.

    Business Intelligence

    Data measurement providing insight to track all operations through an interactive dashboard.

    Gamification & Retention

    Custom apps increase employee engagement & collaboration, creating a better job experience.

    Employee Acquisition

    Career Board Apps & Integrations

    Custom integrations with a third-party career board vendor to post opportunities for new & existing staff.

    Online Job Portals & Acquisition Systems

    Custom digital online app that handles all parts of the job submission, hiring & human resource processes.

    Reward Based System & Perks Platform

    Loyalty digital app that provides employees points, rewards & perks for outstanding service.

    Custom Designed Staff Profile Pages

    Top brand employees have their own landing pages with content outlining achievements & contributions.

    Employee using phone at work

    Add & Retain Staff With Custom Employee Apps for Restaurants

    Innovate. Step beyond boundaries. Stand out from the crowd and profit.

    Create an appetizing environment that delights workers with progressive acquisition, gamification & retention apps.

    Bespoke apps & integrations provide an experience so savory that new hires seek you out, and those already on the payroll stick with your restaurant.

    Innovate with employee apps & watch your staff grow.