May 4, 2015
Startup Week Columbus May 4th – May 8th
By DineEngine

Brain dump just to get started. …

Listen up Columbus, this week May 4th – May 8th will probably be the most important week in business and perhaps for some, the opportunitiy of a lifetime.

Im talking about the inaugural Columbus Startup Week , a five day celebration of everything thats exciting in business.


Next week May 4th – May 8th is the inaugural Startup Week Columbus. Over the last few years Columbus has become one of the premier cities across America for technology and startups. Its diversity and wide demographics make it a perfect test market for many companies so why not startups? If youre serious about your startup then you will find a way to make these events. They are thoughtout the entiore week allday long during lunch before or after normal business hours.

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With over 70 events running May 4th – May 6th, Columbus Startup Week offers something for everyone. This is ideal exposure for entreprenuers and startups. Columbus Startup Week has events with keynote speakers to offer insight on developing your product, getting it to market, reaching your first customer, growing your business, and taking on investors. This crash course of information is priceless to an entrepreneuer or startup.

These events are spread throughout the entire week offering events at different times and different days. There shoud be no excuse, talk to your boss or even take a day off if you have to. This may be the opportunity of a lifetime for some.

If you still need convincing, here is the top reasons to attend Columbus Startup Week.

Top 5 Reasons why you need to attend Columbus Startup Week


Columbus Startup Week is a great opportunity to network. Many of the events allocate some time for networking, but dont be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone.   This is a great opportunity to meet all kinds of people and you never know who you may run into. Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways.

Refine your Pitch

Networking at Columbus Startup Week is a great time to work on your elevator pitch. You should be able to quickly and easily explain to someone what your company does, for who in one to  two sentences.

Take DineEngine for example, when I meet someone I typically say something like

DineEngine helps people and business create websites and mobile apps their customers will love to use.


You know how your field technicians use to have to take photos with a camera, document everything on a notepad, and then manually upload it into the system when they get back to office? We made it possible for them to take a report and send it back to the office right from their phones giving them more time to interface with their customers and providing real time data for the executives back at headquarters.

and if not work on one now. Startup Week Columbus is a great place to refine your pitch as you will have only a small window to … as you meet new people. By the end of the week your pitch should be solid.

Get free feedback  on your idea. Demo your idea or show off your designs. There is even an event specifically for this called _______. Be ready for constructive critizism and dont take it personally but rather an opportunity to refine your idea before it really counts – in front of your customers. Better to find out your idea is flawed before investing $$ into it. DineEngine works the same way…


find others that are in your shoes or have been where you are.

from design to development to sales to investment there are many calsses on this .. .blah

Most of the events at Columbus Startup Week will have keynote speakers, however

Find investment or learn where to start looking there are a few investor meetings although they are already full, however a lot of the speakers and companies at the event have been in your same sheos.

Find potential job opportunities – these start ups are going to need people and you could be one



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