March 8, 2018
Use Artificial Intelligence To Add Live Chat To Your Restaurant’s Website
By DineEngine

One of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction is to make it as easy as possible to communicate with your restaurant. A way to accomplish this is to use artificial intelligence to add live chat your restaurant’s website.

Offering web and mobile chat will allow customers to communicate with you quickly and easily. You can employ artifical intelligence (AI) to handle inquiries or have someone available to monitor it.

Chat capability can save you the time and potential miscommunications of speaking on the phone, as well as having to check for voicemails.

And for customers, a live option gives them the convenience of easily sending inquiries from their computers, tablets or smartphones.

If you haven’t already launched a chat feature, there are several reasons why you should consider doing so.


Answer Questions Quickly


Along those lines, a live chat option allows you to respond to customers more quickly than you might be able to with phone calls.

Customers might not want to wait on the phone for a minute or two or wait to get a call back from you if they’ve left a message, but they can rest assured that a message sent via live chat will receive a reply in a timely manner.

They’ll know that their message will be seen and that a response is imminent. Just ensure that a staff member or members will be monitoring the live chat and responding as quickly as they can.


Improve Accuracy And Efficiency


Customers engaging in online ordering for delivery or pick-up can make inquiries through your live chat, which can improve order accuracy and efficiency.

They can ask questions about your menu and customization options before placing an order.

And once they have placed an order they can follow up with regarding delivery or pick-up times, or if they made a mistake or need to change something in their order.

Customers who have made a reservation at your restaurant can also use your live chat to confirm or change the time or the number of guests – which will help you run more efficiently and potentially avoid missed reservations.


Millennials Are Hanging Up The Phone


Today’s customers, particularly millennials, appreciate the convenience of live chats because they are less inclined to make phone calls.

Whereas older generations still see the value in speaking with a person on the phone, millennials – who make up a significant portion of consumers – prefer the speed and ease that live chats offer.

Chats eliminate hold times and appeal to their reliance on the ease of technology provided by AI such as IBM Watson. Also, technology services for restaurants can help by answering the phone or responding to voicemails.

A live chat can reduce the risk of losing a customer’s business because they couldn’t get ahold of you at their convenience.


Should You Add Live Chat To Your Web App?


Technology might be making our world less personal and connected, but on the other hand, when used well, it can also improve communication between you and your customers.

Introducing a live chat in your web app, if you haven’t already, can lead to a better experience for your customers and increased efficiency for you.


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