July 21, 2011
Versatility in the Form of Thunderbolt
By DineEngine

Intel and Apple recently teamed up to launch the new Thunderbolt port into the consumer market by integrating the I/O device into the latest Macbook Pro lineup. Boasting remarkable specs, the Thunderbolt technology looks to be the future of getting information to and from your computer and devices. According to Intel, using Thunderbolt one can transfer a full length, high-definition movie in less than 30 seconds thanks to its bi-directional 10 Gbps capability.

When originally introduced at the 2009 Intel Developer Forum (nee Light Peak), the device was only planned to have to have optical connections, but was later revised to have electrical connections. This means, that in addition to connecting your devices, connecting to networks, streaming high-definition video, it will provide 10 watts of power to whatever it is connected to. While the ability to use optical connections will eventually be available to consumers, Intel thinks that most will stick with the original connections due to their relative cost efficiency and increased capabilities. .

Currently there are very few devices that support this technology and the high cost of the cables most devices don’t support the Thunderbolt port yet, there is little doubt that it will become the standard connection for PCs due to its unlimited versatility.


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