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DineEngine® creates a true omnichannel experience for restaurants. Everything you need in one easy to navigate app. With the DineEngine content management system (CMS) you can keep your customers updated through all channels such as a Mobile App, Website, Kiosk and Tableside.

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The Power of dineengine

Choose which guest touchpoint takes priority and get it launched quickly. Test a touch point’s effectiveness and receive guest feedback before investing in a highly custom experience. Either way, DineEngine has you covered at an affordable price and save on project fatigue and time to launch.

Restaurant Website App


Integrate with your online ordering and loyalty providers and connect to the DineEngine® CMS for a robust customizable experience.

Restaurant Mobile App

Mobile App

With the DineEngine® mobile app package you will have a choice of utilizing an iOS app,
Android app, or both. Designed for Perfect guest experiences.

Restaurant Kiosk App


Control a guest-facing kiosk experience where guests can place orders for takeout or dine-in. Providing a better user experience with technology.

Restaurant Tableside App


The tableside experience allows for guests to place orders in store while sitting at their table and request servers.


If you can imagine it, we can build it. From managing IT infrastructure to back office operations to custom data connectors to guest experience to business intelligence, we help you innovate at every system touchpoint.

The dining experience is changing.

It’s time
to change
with it.


Of consumers expect restaurants to offer online/mobile ordering.


Online food ordering has grown 300% faster than dine-in since 2014 and now accounts for roughly 40% of the total restaurant sales.


Of consumers currently order delivery or takeout once a week.


It is projected that online ordering food revenue will rise to be $220 billion in 2023 – 40% of restaurant sales.
Customer Touchpoint

Real-time menu data sync with any

customer touchpoint.

DineEngine® Channel Modules connect to third-party data sources, including POS, Ordering and Loyalty data via our DineEngine® Provider Modules.

Once configured, you can mix-andmatch integrations, choose your favorite Data Provider, and even change providers on the fly.

Our direct ordering connectors include Olo, NovaDine, ITWerks, Omnivore, Paytronix, and Punchh, as well as many more hospitality partners.

Here are some of the direct ordering features that can be utilized on the DineEngine product. Curbside, Delivery, Maps, Geolocation, Predictive Arrival, Delivery Tracking, Loyalty/Rewards Dashboard, Single-Sign On, Egift Cards, Gift Card Balance/Transaction History, Promote Guest Sign Up and much more.

Custom data connectors can also be built specifically for your brand, and be plugged-in anywhere.

Customer Touchpoint

that Bring
guests back.

Web App Development

Whether it’s a simple marketing restaurant website or a complex online ordering experience, we’ll deliver high-value customization to meet your guest or employee needs.

We build highly personalized websites for restaurant brands that use clean and conceptual designs to implement a high quality, unique online presence for your restaurant business.

Increase menu item sales with a website that will build interest, and be easy to manage and scale. From web development and mobile apps to content management, we can customize your needs and business processes — much more than typical web design “expertise.” Also with our powerful CMS “Content Management System” you will be able to control Imagery, Copy and more, don’t need to wait on development timelines or deployments.

Web App Development
Mobile App Development

iOS &
Android mobile
direct ordering.

iOS, Android, hybrid, or cross-platform, we can build one app code base capable of running on multiple operating systems and devices, delivering a stable, fully-native experience.

You can maintain and manage all mobile digital assets in your DineEngine® CMS, allowing single edits across multiple platforms, including mobile.

All our apps are responsive for mobile/web, and are omnichannel across all digital devices for maximum usability and profitability.

iOS &
Android mobile
direct ordering.

Tableside Ordering:

No app download needed.

Tableside App Development
Keep your servers and guests happy by leveraging DineEngine® Tableside for Mobile with Contactless Orders and Payments to manage dine-in orders. Here’s how it works: A QR code can be placed anywhere in-store, typically on a table sticker or sign.

Once the guest opens their camera on iPhone or Android, and points at a DineEngine-designed QR code, a digital ordering experience is launched. The guest can then place an order back to your favorite third-party system, whether that’s a POS or Ordering Platform. To reduce the handling of menus, dine-in guests can access and place their orders directly from your online menu using their own mobile device.

Tableside App Development
Kiosk App Development


Service Kiosk
Beat the Line.

DineEngine®’s integrated omnichannel app experiences for touch screen kiosks in-store and off-site streamline operations while enhancing a restaurant’s ROI.

DineEngine® restaurant kiosk apps efficiently connect designated systems to take orders, provide checkout, or offer any other type of functionality required. We structure the right feature sets to provide an experience that works for users.

DineEngine’s self-service kiosk restaurant apps provide better user experience through innovative technologies. For instance, our payment integrations (like DataCap supported swipe card hardware), employ sophisticated upsell and cross-sell algorithms, and access centrally-managed digital assets.

Real-time menu data sync with any
customer touchpoint.

Bolster your online ordering experience with robust integrations to our industry leading partnerships.

Online ordering providers

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Analytics & Tracking

Loyalty & rewards

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Maps & GEO location

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Payment providers

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SMS/In-app messaging

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