Centro Improves Guest Experience
Centro Restaurant Group
When cutting away the use of different third party restaurant apps, Centro Restaurant Group engaged DineEngine to facilitate a cost-effective way to go all in on a "multi-channel" experience and to get more efficient in-store and on-line.

Why [Customer Name] Chose [Product Name]

Centro Restaurant Group approached DineEngine with a singular focus in mind: to improve their guest’s overall digital experience.  By adding a mobile app for both iOS and Android, focusing on table-side features, liking scanning QR codes from table tents, and a new ordering flow via Olo’s powerful menu management API, Centro is poised to see revenue growth.

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"It's great to see a brand leverage digital channels to give guests access to menus on any device."
Jeff Myers | DineEngine - CEO


A combined curated powerhouse of integrations.
Centro Restaurant Group worked with DineEngine curated partnerships to integrate with Olo for order ahead technologies, like Olo Rails for delivery. Combining a guest experience that utilized Spendgo for loyalty and reward redemption in a seamless experience. Kiosk PCI compliance was handled by DataCap; hardware provided by Olea Kiosks and Heartland EMV Readers. An awesome combination of technology leaders in their respective stacks.
Centro expands digital offering to guests on all channels.

From the beginning, Centro’s concept has been focused on creating a community through a fun and safe space (and great tacos, of course). As we grow, we want to push our involvement out of our four walls and into the bigger community. We welcome collaborations with local nonprofits and strive to be active in our community through advocating, creating awareness, and philanthropic efforts.

Centro’s team always strives to create a welcoming and memorable experience for all guests while providing speedy and thorough service. Our unique fast-casual concept is great for families on the go, happy hours, birthday celebrations, or just hangin’ out.

Our company values lie within our team and our community. Centro is devoted to fostering a fun and respectful space for our staff and our guests. We view our relationship with our community as symbiotic – when we nurture our family, our family grows and become stronger and thus, helps us better serve our community.

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