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BI Ecosystem for Restaurants
All restaurants face a common challenge, which is effectively leveraging business intelligence (BI). This is more important now than ever, due to the proliferation of disparate applications, platforms, and technologies used to conduct operations. DineEngine® can work with you to understand what data is required and how collection systems can be integrated to deliver multifaceted analytics into a dynamic business intelligence ecosystem.

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    Creating a Dynamic Business Intelligence Ecosystem

    DineEngine will take a hard look at your current information architecture and its relationship to your existing systems to create a successful business intelligence solution. Why is this important? All restaurant brand information generated supplies analytics used to determine how you are doing in the marketplace. Data misconceptions, inaccuracies, or lack of information can lead to a distorted view of operations, leading to bad decisions. We will help you decide how to collect, structure, and turn data into actionable business insights, compiling them into reports and dashboards that can be used by anyone with authorized permission.

    The BI Process & Implementation

    We divide the business intelligence process into four stages: Data gathering, standardization, analysis and reporting. To implement data processing, we develop Infrastructure technologies best suited for your restaurant brand requirements. This includes setting objectives, KPIs, and requirements, such as data sources, data types, access priorities, report types, and dashboard presentation. DineEngine can set up and integrate your BI ecosystem tools as an Oracle-backed SaaS cloud based solution using data warehouse or data mart technologies to distribute information to the end-user interface, the interactive dashboard.

    Evolve & Transform with a Business Intelligence Ecosystem

    Developing a business intelligence ecosystem using an interactive dashboard to provide easy-to-grasp reports that support crucial decisions can help your business thrive in the marketplace. As a collaborative tool, it can be used by your entire organization for productive insight to facilitate efficiency and long-term revenue gain.

    User Analytics

    Analyze user data and make decisions based on visits, abandoned carts and more.

    Ad Networks

    Utilize ad networks, like Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager to track events that matter.

    Heat Mapping

    Gain incredible insight into how users behave and where they click throughout your app experience.

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