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Devices & IoT for Restaurants
DineEngine can build from scratch or integrate third-party application data connectors leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to power all types of devices to drive user experiences, services, and operations. From IoT apps powering smart appliances, bluetooth and near-field hardware to wearables such as watches, glasses, and virtual reality, we can leverage IoT sensor & device technologies to enhance the customer journey while increasing restaurant efficiencies and revenue.

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    Devices & IoT for Restaurants
    IoT Devices Power Great Business Experience & ROI

    Basically, Internet of Things is a concept that is associated with any smartphone. Recently, we have seen a proliferation of online web applications that leverage data connectors provided by the IoT and third-party APIs. Further IoT evolution has produced cloud sensors that power smart appliances and digital apps that drive devices, all workflow solutions that improve customer experience and increase business efficiency. From great patron service to smooth internal operations to inventory & staff management, IoT allows superior calibration and sophisticated integration of all systems, resulting in higher ROI.


    What is a Good Example of Device IoT Usage?

    Digital applications have come a long way—Restaurant web, mobile, kiosk and tableside apps are true Internet of Things systems, enabling customers to easily and quickly order, modify, and pay for products without relying on staff. But what is a good example of device IoT usage?

    For instance, restaurants use IOT-enabled watches that “call” servers when guests want additional items and/or make updates to their order. Wearable technologies can communicate everything in real-time from an alert that a guest’s order is ready, to a seated customer silverware or napkin request to an update from human resources or maintenance notification. In this sense, IoT-driven devices make businesses more connected and productive.

    Device IoT can also function to help streamline workflow. As an example, with the proper data connectors integrated to handle sensor and application functionality, everything from kitchen appliances to maintaining food quality to monitoring guests and employees can be tracked, recorded, and updated with enhancements and data upgrades leading to better guest service and reduced operational costs, delivering expanded profit margins.





    IoT Devices Help Restaurants Gain a Competitive Advantage

    Applying device IoT and artificial intelligence will continue to gain importance to integral, inherently necessary digital application technologies. Across varied industries, there are billions of different IoT devices used to generate specific intelligence and perform distinct actions to address and solve needs and issues for business owners.

    IoT devices provide transformative solutions. In addition to daily service enhancements, IoT-enabled devices can serve to predict issues and identify challenges & opportunities in real-time to streamline processes, and facilitate operational efficiencies. This is where concrete competitive advantage lies for innovative businesses seeking to supplement their marketplace presence.

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