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E-Commerce & POS for Restaurants
From shopping carts to point of sale, get data in real-time to any interface for efficient order input and processing. DineEngine builds e-commerce POS integration data connectors that merge systems, allowing them to work together in your application. For e-commerce & POS, API integration provides the ability to use shared data to build omni-channel e-commerce ordering that functions with your POS. Or any other third-party data connection combination. Bottom line, we can build a seamless experience that includes all your vendors in one app.

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    E-Commerce & POS for Restaurants
    Data Connectors Bridge the Integration Gap

    To function properly in your application, e-commerce POS integration relies on a tightly-united user experience that is seamlessly connected with your third-party vendors such as POS and payment. Customers using your app should have the exact same shopping experience regardless of where they purchase, and what kind of digital device they are using. Having an online store that provides digital ordering is now imperative to the success of a business, and to meet rising user expectations, it’s critically important to provide users a streamlined buyer journey when using your app.


    Build Your Online Store Using Data Connectors

    Connecting your point of sale to your e-commerce platform, as well as your other third-party vendors, depends on the quality of the communication provided by the APIs. Customers will not return to an app with badly developed integrations. You want your channels to “talk” to each other, so that sales, inventory, and user data flow smoothly from one system to the next.

    So, the data connector third-parties must be seamlessly integrated in your application, as your customer experience relies on it. Joining e-commerce, POS, payment and any other third-party via data connectors will benefit the user shopping experience, the ordering process, and backend efficiency.





    Custom APIs Increase Customers & Build Revenue

    Leveraging custom e-commerce POS integration data connectors in your application will increase customer base, and build incoming and ongoing revenue streams for your restaurant.  Being able to provide users with an application featuring a streamlined digital experience while shopping enhances the ordering process, leading to enhanced results, and is the best way to support a growing omni-channel business.

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