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Employee-Facing Applications for Restaurants
When you think of employee-facing applications, what comes to mind are intranets, portals, gamification, staffing, scheduling, and rewards platforms. However, there are many customer-facing apps available to power e-commerce that help staff provide better customer service, increase ordering, enhance operations, improve productivity, and deliver a streamlined workflow to increase restaurants efficiencies that expand profit margins.

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    What is an Employee-Facing Application?

    Traditional employee-facing applications mainly function to foster staff acquisition and retention. But there are certain types of customer-facing apps that help employees provide exceptional customer service, while also achieving a better work experience.  These solutions have custom-developed functionality and feature sets that assist employees in order to produce a great user journey. Engaging and innovative apps create a better internal environment which enhance daily operations.


    Our Back-Office Services


    Retain and acquire staff with employee-facing apps that bring your culture front and center.


    Custom workflows and efficiency apps that cut down on overhead and provide margin improving feature sets.


    Give your franchisee features that improve communication, sharing and custom tools that win.

    What Apps Help Employees & Why?

    These run the digital spectrum, from bespoke barside and tableside apps to interactive, smart kiosks to even wearables such as watches to alert servers when customers require assistance and order updates.

    At a deeper level, specialized applications can be modified to include functionality such as capacity management with order-throttling, mobile POS with the ability to manually fire orders, a live fire expo with a heat map to provide efficient order preparation, and more.

    In addition, custom apps can help employees with all aspects of operational administration, from BI dashboards that provide client data visualization to inventory tracking to third-party vendor supervision. There are no limits. All that is required to benefit is your imagination to visualize and investment to implement a streamlined workflow.

    Employee-Facing Applications for Easier & Productive Operations, with Better Results

    Today, more than ever, restaurants have a vested interest in generating the very best customer and employee experiences. This only makes sense. Marketplace disruption is intense, and the labor pool has shrunk considerably. Savvy innovators are already working to develop custom functionality and feature sets in their digital applications to provide a competitive advantage.

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