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Employee Portals for Restaurants
For the employer, the goal is to improve productivity. For team members, the goal is to have a better internal workplace experience. Completely control operations while offering integration software to both your users and staff with our employee and franchisee portals.

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    Portals Improve Functionality

    An employee and franchisee portal is a contact management system and communications platform that administrators, staff, and external stakeholders can leverage to gain access to company resources. Employees and franchisors benefit from portals that provide searchable access to services, reference tools, communication, classification, and restaurants intelligence. This ability empowers all members.


    Our Back-Office Services


    Retain and acquire staff with employee-facing apps that bring your culture front and center.


    Custom workflows and efficiency apps that cut down on overhead and provide margin improving feature sets.


    Give your franchisee features that improve communication, sharing and custom tools that win.

    Customized Business Employee Portals

    These portals allow for expanded, exterior interaction with brand content, services, vendors, etc. which assist employees in performing daily operations:

    • Completely control operations while offering the best experience to both users and staff.

    • Customize restaurants operations with enhanced accessibility, partnered with a customized interface.

    • Integrate with existing systems for brand data collection, or programs for employee development and user progress.

    A portal has robust service capabilities. Similarly, it functions as an application middleman to dish up content sources which are assembled in a simple-to-navigate interface that is easy for everyone to use.

    Invest in Your Business with a Digital Portal

    Your staff will appreciate an engaging employee & franchisee portal to make their work easier—and more productive—with better results. Our technologists will work with you and your restaurants needs. We can design integration application software for data collection, or applications for development, training and management operations, accessible through your brand portal.

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