December 12, 2018
How API Integrations Can Increase Restaurant Profits
By DineEngine

An API (or application programming interface) is what allows disparate applications to connect and interact with each other. Are you wondering how API integrations can increase restaurant profits?

API integrations for web, mobile, kiosk, and tableside applications are now crucial for survival.

Today, most businesses have a software stack. This is a group of apps and tools that allows them to run their business effectively and efficiently.

It is always necessary for all of the apps to talk to each other, so that all third-party integrations work seamlessly.


How API Integrations Can Make A Difference For Your Restaurant


Now you have a basic understanding of what APIs are and how they work. Maybe you were already familiar with them and even have a few apps that talk to each other.

Whatever the case, APIs can be a game-changer for restaurants, whether it’s a common API integration, or more custom application development.

Here are several areas where it can make a difference.

First, there’s your Point of Sale (POS) system. Whether you use Aloha, Toast or Oracle Micros, POS systems have become a fixture in the modern restaurant.

There’s just one problem – POS systems don’t always connect with other channels. TGood news – with API integrations, you can connect web, mobile and kiosk applications so you can keep all of your sales records in a single centralized location.

Second, there’s something else that has already come up in this conversation – online ordering.

Online ordering represents over one-third of restaurant sales today and it’s growing, so it’s not hard to see how important this aspect of the business is.

The easier it is for customers to order online, and the better experience they have, the more likely your revenue and customer retention will grow. So, the time to take advantage of online ordering APIs is now.

Finally, there’s loyalty and loyalty & reward integration APIs. People love collecting and spending points at their favorite restaurants.

If you don’t give your customers an opportunity to do this, you could end up missing out on a lot of business.

When it comes to loyalty and rewards APIs, it’s all about quality. You don’t just want any ordinary program – you want a program your customers love and take advantage of, like many do with custom Punchh loyalty & rewards integrations.


Get Your Technology In Order


The magic of APIs is that they connect bespoke solutions and allow them to interact with each other.

But there is such a thing as a poor-quality API. Sometime apps don’t exactly speak each other’s language, leading to unwanted errors.

Luckily, APIs can be custom-developed to perform according to specific parameters. This is done all the time when a restaurant brand wants certain types of functionality or feature sets within their web, mobile, kiosk and/or tableside application.

So, it’s not just about adding the latest technology services for your restaurant. It’s about adding technology that allows every system to work seamlessly together.

That’s what will lead to improved efficiency and increased revenue. So, you need a solution that unifies your POS, online order, delivery, loyalty and rewards platforms.


Final Thoughts


It’s not unusual to make technological decisions based on urgency and growing demand. But that can lead to choices that aren’t always informed.

When you have the right tech stack, digital apps will talk to each other and create a seamless experience.

But if not, things can go wrong. So, even though having desperate pieces of technology might improve the efficiency of your business, it may not be fully optimized as-is.

It is best to invest in custom API app development to increase revenue and raise ROI.



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