March 15, 2019
How Custom Olo Mobile Apps Deliver Quality Guest Experiences
By DineEngine
Collage depicting how Olo mobile apps deliver quality guest experiences

You may ask, how do custom Olo mobile apps deliver quality guest experiences?

If your restaurant hasn’t leveraged digital technology and at least begun work on an Olo web, mobile and kiosk app, the time to do so is now, as most consumers are embracing online ordering as a normal part of their busy lives.

Online ordering has explosively disrupted the restaurant industry, presenting huge profit opportunities. What can you do to further capitalize on this ever-growing audience?

If your brand works with OLO, then you have already taken the first step by configuring a white label online menu for customers to place food orders via their desktop, smartphone, tablet, and kiosk.

But what if your restaurant wants and needs more? A new challenge for brands is to create a way to express their individuality while implementing special business rules, menu flows, upsells, and cross-sells, processing every type of online order through every digital device.

Implementing custom OLO mobile applications for iOS and Android will pay dividends when it comes to managing your restaurant’s online presence through a personalized experience not only for your customers, but for your brand as well.

iOS and Android Olo apps designed with a mobile-first approach are responsive for mobile/web applications, and dynamic across all devices for maximum usability and profitability.


Personalize Your Olo Customer Experience


Personalization does not stop with the functionality and feature-sets of your Olo iOS or Android mobile app. Personalization is also the ability to integrate your third-party providers.

Then, your customer has a one-stop platform to order, manage their loyalty points, update their accounts, and learn more about your brand.

The popularity of DIY websites is tempting, but to truly personalize your guest experience you need custom API integrations from your vendors and partners.

Doing so will enhance interaction and in turn, boost overall ROI with your Olo application.

Increase Engagement


How can you increase engagement with your customers? With a custom Olo iOS or Android app, the addition of a back office CMS can make it easy for you to manage your brand’s digital experience.

Not only will you be able to add, update and analyze content, inventory and operational processes, you will be able to deploy data tracking, providing insight into your customers likes and dislikes.

By studying your customers digital behavior, you will be able to use and take advantage of features such as push notifications and other promotional content to offer incentives and rewards to your existing customer base.

Even better, you can integrate your loyalty provider in order to curate how you offer incentives to your customers.

While growth has always been focused on attracting new customers, it is also about retention. You will want to reward your existing customers through offering a better digital access and convenience.

While all of this is occurring, all that your customer will see is a seamless online ordering experience offered through their custom Olo app.

Boost Your ROI With a Custom Olo App


A natural byproduct of investing in a custom Olo iOS or Android app for your restaurant is a ROI boost.

For instance, when fast-casual Piada implementing their custom digital platform, it was reported that the launch increased online ordering revenue by over 300 percent.

This is a result of enhancing guest experience by leveraging digital app technology that quickly and easily serves consumer tastes and preferences, increasing profit in a competitive industry with tight margins.

Is Your Olo Mobile App Optimized For Customer Satisfaction?


Your success depends on understanding your audience. Work to ensure that your restaurant’s Olo iOS or Android mobile app is well-suited to your customers’ preferences.

Listen to customer feedback when developing mobile ordering software for your restaurant.

With a firm grasp of brand needs and goals for your Olo mobile app, seek to build an enhanced digital app experience that will make customers happy to increase operational revenue.



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