April 2, 2014
Why you should use a Web and Mobile Development Company for your Next Project!
By DineEngine
Web Development

All businesses need websites – especially smaller or newer ones. However, for people that primarily use the internet to check their email, read the news or check their various social media accounts, the thought of building a website and be an incredibly daunting one. With the dozens of different platforms, languages and frameworks available, it makes sense that people would be terrified at the concept of making their own website.

One way that building websites has become easier for people with no coding experience is through the use of content management systems(CMS) such as WordPress. They allow the person to select a template that has ready-to-go fields where the user can insert their own information to suit their needs. While these types of systems do serve their purpose, they can be limiting in a number of ways: Since other people can use the same theme, websites can end up looking generic; when bugs do arise, the person is dead in the water with figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it; and if the person wants any custom functionality not available in their template they are also facing an uphill battle.

Having a web and mobile development company manage the building of your online presence is an excellent idea for many new businesses. It allows them to not have the headache of dealing with small bugs that could take them hours to figure out and to take advantage of the current shift in the way people access the internet – from mobile devices rather than desktop computers. The main downside people reference when considering to have their site built is the cost but that only holds true if the person’s time is worth nothing, and if the amount of lost revenue from a down website, due to a small bug, remains at an absolute minimum.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you as a web and mobile development company, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to tell you about it.


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