March 7, 2014
How the Internet Is Like the Human Mind and What This Means for Your Website
By DineEngine
Web Development

Many people think that it’s enough to set up a website once and for all for their business.  They view web development as a static thing rather than something that keeps on changing.  However, the internet is a little bit like the human mind which has 70,000 thoughts per day.  Of course, it doesn’t feel like we have that many thoughts in a day because we’ve learned to tune out the ones that don’t really matter to us.  But the fact remains that those thoughts are there, often simmering in our subconscious minds.

How the Internet Is Like the Human Mind

The internet is like one huge mind spread all around the world which is constantly being updated.  New thoughts are being added all the time and people to whom those thoughts, those updates, are valuable, access them while others concentrate on other thoughts.  Of course, on the internet, we don’t call them thoughts but refer to them as web sites, blogs, social media pages etc.  The one thing they all have in common is that they are additions to the internet aimed at reaching people, either for promotional, informational or entertainment purposes.

The Importance of Constant Updates

So when you start a website for your business, you introduce some new thoughts to the internet.  But web development shouldn’t only stop there.  It’s also very useful, for your business, to keep updating your website with a blog and to develop a social media presence where you also keep adding new comments from day to day.  This way, you are becoming part of the collective mind which is constantly having thoughts.  If you were to just create a web site and forget about it, the internet and those who access it are also likely to forget about you.  By updating your presence as often as possible, you’re drawing attention to yourself and showing that you are an active presence on the internet.

Old Thoughts vs. New Thoughts

Consider the process to be similar to what goes on in your own mind.  You may or may not remember a thought that you had a week or two ago.  Unless a thought comes as a real epiphany, it’s just there for a second or a little longer and then, it’s gone.  The same is true of the internet.  When the material that you’ve added to the world wide web becomes old, it’s no longer in the forefront.  New things are happening.  New developments are taking place.  And these can threaten to leave your web presence far behind.  So you do have to keep adding to your web site little by little until you’ve developed a solid web presence.

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