DineEngine Nutrition Features

Allergen, USDA & Nutrition

Provide guests with a way to view allergen and nutrition data on menu items.


Increase Brand Trust with Nutrition & Allergen Information

Providing nutrition and allergen data can benefit users by allowing them to make informed choices about their meals, particularly those with dietary restrictions or allergies. It can also help users make healthier choices by allowing them to easily compare the nutritional value of menu items. Additionally, providing this information can increase trust and transparency in the brand, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Fresh Eats mockup showing nutrition data

DineEngine Nutrition Data

  • Help customers in making informed decisions for their meals.
  • Helps customers with specific dietary needs such as gluten free, low carb, etc.
  • Can help to attract customers who are looking for healthier options.
  • Can help the restaurant to comply with the regulations and laws which require providing nutrition information.
  • Can create opportunities for the restaurant to market and promote its healthy menu options.

Need allergen or nutritional menus specific to your brand?

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Connecting to third parties for nutrition.

External Nutrition Data

  • DineEngine has the ability to facilitate external links to .PDF nutrition data sheets. These can live in your main navigation bar, or on a custom page for your users to access.
  • DineEngine also can connect to 3rd party nutritional services such as, Nutrionix, NutriMenu, and others.
Feature Highlight

Custom Menu Configurations

Change your menu to fit your brand.

DineEngine makes it easy to change how your menus appear to your guests. Configure your menu with radio buttons, images or a combination of both. Re-order menu option group, keeping your ordering flow in-line with your guests order in-store.

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DineEngine Global Features

Give your customers what they really want, a frictionless guest experience with seamless ordering.

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