Business people

Ordering tech for your university or school cafeteria.

DineEngine allows students and staff to place orders for meals, snacks, and other items directly from their own devices, at any time, which can increase convenience and make the ordering process more efficient.


Decrease food waste with order accuracy.

DineEngine allows students and staff to review their orders before submitting them, which can help to reduce errors and increase order accuracy. DineEngine can also help to reduce food waste and increase sustainability by allowing students and staff to order only what they need and avoid over ordering.

  • User Onboarding Screens
  • Facebook Login
  • Apple Login

Simple meal plan compliance and ease-of-use.

DineEngine can help schools and universities to increase meal plan compliance by providing students and staff with a simple and easy way to order meals that are compliant with their dietary restrictions and medical conditions.

  • Updated Loyalty Dashboard
  • Welcome Page with Advertising
  • Quick Navigation Tab Bar

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