Native mobile ordering with integrated loyalty.

On-the-go ordering, frictionless experiences for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Mobilized ordering, maximum sticky-ness.

Third-party redemption & SSO.

Integrate third-party direct ordering, like Olo or Novadine, as well as third party loyalty into your mobile customer-facing app for a unique and personal user experience. Single sign-on allows for an integrated user dashboard with rewards tracking.

Mobile Login Pizza Patron Login Pizza Patron

In-store loyalty account access.

Add personalized account management with re-ordering features. Connect your third-party ordering and loyalty provider for a mobile friendly experience. In-store QR code or barcode scanning is also possible for in-store POS redemption.

Mobile App Loyalty Dashboard BurgerFi Mobile App Recent Orders BurgerFi

Mobile branding and asset control, in real-time.

You can maintain and manage all mobile digital assets in your DineEngine® back-end, allowing single edits on iOS and Android, without constant deployment to the app stores.

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Frequent questions

Once your menu is configured to send orders, we should be able to submit your application to the app store in 3-5 business days to allow for Apple and Google review. Once approved, you can start taking orders.
DineEngine leverages its own Google/Apple developer account to house all of our mobile applications. We submit the apps with your brand's icon, splash screens and screenshots. We will also allow you to craft your app page marketing messaging, or we will create it for you. If you would like to use your own developer account or license please take a look at DineEngine Turbo.
DineEngine does in fact submit native iOS and Android apps to the App Store and Google Play. We do use a hybrid native framework to keep our apps' codebase easy to manage across all devices. Although we have found that native apps might perform better than hybrid apps in certain scenarios, the benefits outweigh native by leveraging a hybrid framework. We may however look at native apps in the future.
DineEngine uses OneSignal as our push messaging provider and there is a cost associated with delivering notifications. By leveraging OneSignal you can send messages to customers in multiple ways to multiple devices, like browser and even SMS. Our roadmap includes adding Google Firebase and Pusher support as well.

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