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DineEngine provides Lunchbox customers with a streamlined and personalized experience that boosts efficiency and enhances overall satisfaction.

DineEngine Lunchbox

Leveraging Lunchbox's Open technology, DineEngine enables restaurants to offer their customers a seamless, efficient, and highly customizable ordering experience. With intuitive menus, real-time order tracking, and streamlined payment options, this integration enhances customer satisfaction while optimizing restaurant operations. Together, DineEngine and Lunchbox form a powerful partnership that takes restaurant efficiency and customer experience to new heights.

How DineEngine Elevates your Lunchbox Experience

DineEngine and Kairos Mediterranean online ordering for web and mobile app

Effortless User Journey

By consolidating all of your web channels to a single website, you ensure a seamless user experience for your customers, enabling effortless navigation between sections or channels without the hassle of opening new tabs or visiting separate sites. This fosters brand cohesion, increases convenience, minimizes friction, and ultimately enhances overall user satisfaction.

Optimize Your Navigation
  • DineEngine Brochure Marketing Page Builder
  • Lunchbox Online Ordering Integration
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with the most reknowned loyalty brands
  • Manage All Channels in One Place (Web, Mobile, Kiosk, Table-side)
DineEngine's Kairos Mediterranean and Lunchbox implementation highlighting menu customization

Bigger Orders & Faster Checkouts

DineEngine is designed to enhance the online ordering process, leading to bigger orders and faster checkouts for customers. Here's how DineEngine achieves these benefits:

  • Enhanced Menu Customization
    Ingredient imagery, half & half modifier selections, various different menu formats, invert ingredients, and many more awesome features.
  • Streamlined Ordering Process
    Minimizing steps throughout the ordering process and reducing friction makes it more likely for your customers to complete their orders.
  • Promotional Content & Menu Badging
    Place promotions throughout your ordering experience, and badge your categories and products with highlights such as "NEW" or "HOT" to entice your guests.
DineEngine and Kairos Mediterranean's mobile app highlighting past orders and reorder functionality

More Powerful Features

  • Cross-sell/Upsell products to your users
  • Update your menu and locations on the fly
  • Reorder previous orders quickly and access saved payment methods

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Frequently Asked Questions

The integration between DineEngine and Lunchbox allows for seamless menu updates and changes. When a restaurant makes updates to their menu through Lunchbox's menu management system, the changes will be automatically synchronized with the DineEngine platform every 15 minutes, nightly, or manually. This ensures that customers access the most up-to-date menu items, prices, and availability.

Yes, DineEngine offers flexible options for menu management and customization, promotional settings, and more, allowing restaurants to tailor the online ordering experience according to their unique requirements and brand identity.

Yes, the integration between DineEngine and Lunchbox can handle complex order customizations and special requests. Customers can use DineEngine's customization options to specify their preferences, dietary restrictions, or special instructions. These details are communicated to the Lunchbox platform, ensuring that the restaurant receives accurate and specific order details to fulfill customer requests.

Yes, DineEngine has an SSO integration with Lunchbox for Paytronix loyalty.

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