Scan to Order:
No app download needed.

Ditch the PDF files, static and paper menus. Receive orders directly to the kitchen from the table already paid for.

DineEngine Scan To Order features make ordering easy.

QR code table scanning.

Break out your device, scan a QR code on a table, the menu will go into "table-side" mode allowing customers to order right from their table.

Enhanced on-premise ordering.

Use any device that has a camera with QR code enabled recognition and the customer is entered right into the ordering experience. Manually enter a table number or automagically add it to the QR code itself.

Want to order as a group?

Bring Your Own Ordering with Olo has the capability to allow a host to share a QR code to join the group right from the table. This feature is only available to providers that offer group ordering in our integration.

Managed assets and branding.

Real-time updates, changes happen at once. The branding and design is all controlled from the DineEngine back-end. Orders are placed and sent back to your POS.

Call A Server Watch

Optional Android wearable adds spice to scan to pay from table.

Your customers can now "ping-a-server" with just a tap of our "Need Help" button. The customer can ask for one of five preselected choices or type a custom message in the input field. The pre-selected choices are "Ask for Silverware", "Ask for a to-go box", "Ask for napkins", "Ask for server", "Speak to manager". This is great for servers or food runners and requires a compatible Android smartwatch.

Frequent questions

Once an order is placed from the table or anywhere at the location where a QR code exists, the order is sent to your ordering system to be queued to the POS. Once there it will be sent to the kitchen via a printed ticket or KDS.
QR codes can be printed on stickers, table tents, table displays or really put anywhere. We will generate the code(s) for you to send to your printer. Pre-generated QR code(s) can be unique and be inclusive of table numbers and multiple locations ids.
At the moment, table-side orders must be pre-paid by the customer before the order is sent. Open tabs have specific POS requirements and could require a direct to POS integration. If you're interested in learning more about custom integrations please check out DineEngine Turbo
If you are using an integrated loyalty partner then yes, table-side customers can log-in, earn points and redeem rewards at check via table-side.

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