Kiosk Ordering for Restaurants

Cloud-based in-store ordering on any touchscreen device, tablet or hardware.

DineEngine Kiosk Software
Touch Dynamic
Olea Kiosks

Secure in-store transactions.

Use DineEngine's software on any device with a browser enabled tablet, kiosk or touchscreen device.

  • PCI Compliant
  • Touchscreen Compatible
  • Heartland Card Reader Integration
  • DataCap's Trancloud Protection

Form factor agnostic & POS delivery.

DineEngine Kiosk blends the power of a cloud based ordering solution with your favorite touchscreen device.

  • Send orders to your POS
  • Keep users from waiting, improved efficiency
  • Use table numbers, dine-in, take-out options

Self-service Kiosk ordering powered by DineEngine


Cloud based ordering, total design control

Menu item imagery and branding all configured from the DineEngine back-end, making a change happens in real-time, no updating.


Synchronized with your menu for dine-in and takeout

Your kiosk menu is updated in real-time with your back-end menu management system and specifically configured for dine-in or take-out options.


Safe user data and PCI compliance

Leveraging Datacap's Trancloud secure VPN connectivity we can encrypt transactions in-store keeping all communications with payment processing safe.

Frequent questions

Currently, DineEngine Kiosk works only with Heartland enabled credit card readers. We can help you get set-up with them as we have found that they have some of the most competitive rates for in-store, card-present transactions. We are exploring additional payment processors, if you are interested in a more robust solution, feel free to look at custom modules with DineEngine Turbo.
Orders are taken from the kiosk, the transaction is processed via a credit card reader in-store and are sent back through the ordering platform. Once the order is sent they are received by the POS as normal. The orders are then marked as dine-in or take-out.
Any device that can run a modern web browser in "kiosk" mode can work your device. Everything from old POS touchscreens to iPads can be used.
Currently we send the customer's name through on the order, just as if it was ordered on-line. Table numbers are printed on tickets (if used) for dine-in options vs. counter pick-up. Receipt printers can be added and receipts are also sent via e-mail.
DineEngine Kiosk Animated

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