DineEngine Customizable Menu Features

Product customizer and customizable menu flows

Your products' configurations are key. Choose from optional product customization options and flows for build-your-own menu items.

DineEngine Customizable Menu Flows

Bigger Orders, Faster Checkout.

Elevate your menu ordering experience for your guests with DineEngine's menu modification feature set.

Configurable product customizers for mobile web and apps.

  • Optional images for categories, products, and ingredients
  • Multiple product layouts to choose from
  • Light, regular, extra and more customize options for ingredients
  • Radio/Check box form controls vs. visually impactful ingredient images
  • Customizable "build-your-own" features for menu items
  • API-driven configuration options for your products
  • Left half, right half, or whole placements for ingredients
Bad Daddy's Product Modifications

Configurable menu modifier group layouts

  • Customize your modifier & option group layouts
  • Choose between textual vs. imagery based options or use both
  • Change once, update across all channels

Depending on the needs of your menu, you have multiple options available to easily configure products.

Feature Highlight

Menu Editor

Customize the user experience of your menu.

DineEngine offers multiple layouts for you to choose from to display your menu so that you can ensure that your restaurant's online ordering has whats right for its guests.

Drive your guests towards bigger carts by attaching imagery to each of your categories, products and ingredients.

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DineEngine Global Features

Give your customers what they really want, a frictionless guest experience with seamless ordering.

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