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Through DineEngine's integration with Paytronix, restaurants can offer highly effective loyalty rewards and promotions, maximizing customer engagement and boosting long-term brand loyalty and success.

DineEngine Paytronix

DineEngine's integration with Paytronix brings a powerful synergy to the restaurant industry, elevating loyalty programs to new heights. This seamless integration enhances customer engagement, fosters brand loyalty, and drives repeat business, ultimately leading to increased customer retention and sustained growth for restaurants. DineEngine's Paytronix integration offers an unparalleled experience that helps restaurants build lasting connections with their customers in today's competitive market.

How DineEngine Takes Your Paytronix Loyalty Experience to New Heights

DineEngine + Paytronix mobile apps highlighting rewards, program details, and loyalty tiers

Enhanced Rewards Suite

Offer rewards, discounts, or special offers to loyal patrons, and foster customer retention and build brand loyalty.

  • Earn points and rewards through purchases
  • Spend points to unlock rewards
  • Keep guests coming back with Loyalty Tiers
  • Check-in and earn/redeem points on premise
  • Track User Activity
  • App Push Notifications
  • Inbox Messaging
  • Keep Track of Your Rewards Account balances
  • Email & SMS Campaign Sign-ups
DineEngine's Paytronix gift card sales integration

Integrated Gift Card Sales with DineEngine and Paytronix

Sell gift cards through the DineEngine ordering website to keep your users from having to navigate to another website improving customer retention and reducing abandoned cart.

  • Sell Gift Cards
  • Sell eGift Cards
  • Reload Card Balances
  • Transfer Card Balances to Your Loyalty Balance

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, restaurants can reach out to the DineEngine team to discuss their specific needs and goals. The DineEngine experts will guide them through the integration process, ensuring a seamless and successful implementation of the loyalty program.

Yes, restaurants can implement tiered loyalty programs that reward customers based on their level of engagement and spending, creating a sense of exclusivity and encouraging higher participation.

Customers can look forward to receiving a variety of rewards, including points-based discounts, exclusive offers, free items, and other personalized incentives that add value to their dining experience.

Yes, DineEngine's Paytronix integration offers push notification support in their mobile app. This feature enables restaurants to send real-time updates, personalized offers, and promotional messages directly to customers' mobile devices, enhancing engagement and keeping them informed about the latest rewards and promotions. Push notifications are a powerful tool to drive customer participation in loyalty programs and maintain ongoing communication, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for users.

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